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Theme 12 : Digital Sciences - Futur ICT (ex-FET Flagships title)

FET Flagships = Future Emerging Technologies FET Flagships are ambitious EU-wide large-scale, science-driven, research initiatives

open group / 5 members

Theme 11 : Future Internet

reforming the Internet Infrastructure

Activities of e-switzerland since 2011 (Themes)

Hot topics on this field (references, strategy, vision, trends, reports, etc...).

The content of each group is open and public, but to contribute to a group you will need to join it by clicking on Join group in the menu to the left of its first page.

Other active groups

The group "Suggestions/Discussions"  New contributions

is an aera for discussions and suggestions, an aera for delivering your best url in the bookmark folder, an aera to put your best files in the files folder. For interaction with other working themes go to :  http://www.ict-21.ch/l4d/pg/groups/all/?filter=newest  or  http://www.ict-21.ch/l4d/pg/pages/view/157328/activities 


Archives of the COM ICT (2002-2011)  http://www.ict-21.ch/l4d/pg/pages/view/157328/activities 

Synthesis Forums 2011 (Educational Trendspotting)  http://www.ict-21.ch/l4d/pg/pages/view/255084/synthesis-forums-2011-educational-trendspotting